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Historical City of HamiltonHistorical City of Hamilton
Published by Rice & Duncan in 1859, and drawn by G.S. Rice. This view shows the harbour in the distance, with a key at the bottom identifying buildings and landmarks. It currently resides in the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division in Washington D.C.
Major RoadsMajor Roads
Map of Dundas Valley highlights major roads including Hwy 403, conservation lands, and the Niagara escarpment.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM)Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Map of Dundas Valley showing elevation as a continuous surface. The greener values indicate lower elevations while the red shades indicate higher elevations.
Map of Dundas Valley overlaid by our 2005 colour orthophoto. Our complete set of orthophotos can be views through our iMapper and Find IT applications.
3D Environment3D Environment
A 3D virtual environment of Spencer Gorge created by overlaying an orthophoto on to a DEM. This view is from the railway tracks looking North West into the gorge.